Just Do It: 6 ways to maximize your time!

Ever feel like you’ve gotten nothing accomplished? I’ve felt that way many times! Especially as a mother, wife and career woman. Juggling the tasks of life can become overwhelming in any role that you play. Whether it’s through one or multiple roles. There have been many times where I would be sitting around the house […]


Marriage is a BLESSING! I tell people all of time that marriage is great but it takes work. You are no longer thinking about just YOU. Each decision you make now impacts another individual. So…I must brag on my husband right quick! Over the course of the past two and half weeks my husband has […]

Vegan French Toast

So…my family LOVES the VEGAN FRENCH TOAST I made. Now I’ve never been the type to create something completely NEW in the kitchen, but I can say that I will use a recipe and make it my own! So with that said…that’s exactly what I did with this french toast! (don’t judge me!) As we […]

Blogger Recognition

I’ve just been honored with the Blogger Recognition Award! All I can say is WOW! (those who know me personally…’well praise the Lord!’ was my initial reaction…Lol!). I am sure you may be wondering…So, what exactly is this award? It is an award from bloggers given to other bloggers who appreciate the hard work, dedication […]


This past week kept the entire Southeast region of Texas on edge. The weekend began with constant tornado warnings and high winds along with what seemed like never ending rain. This rain fell upon Houston and surrounding areas day in and day out. Over the course of the five days, rain became the greatest threat […]

Words of a Wife

“Life and death is in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21). This is a scripture that was referred to regularly growing up. We were always taught that we could create change based on what we say; also that we can shift any atmosphere by our words. Whether we’re speaking to others or ourselves…our words […]

Love: From fear to freedom

The fear to love is something that has plagued my life for a while. It was often masked with an overzealous “Hey” accompanied by a hug just like Grandma’s. This was especially true if I had not seen someone in a long time, then that greeting may even be followed up with a catch-up conversation. […]